What we do


Overcoming poverty, and ensuring a life of dignity and security for the marginalized populations


  • Eliminating discrimination on the basis of gender, age, disability, race, religion, or social class.
  • We aim to provide accessible services, delivered in a way that respects the needs of each individual and does not exclude anyone.
  • We also aim to Protect African Wildlife and conserve critically endangered African species and their communities and ecosystems

Our Vision

We believe in; Compassion, Accountability, Integrity and Excellence

Who is Samuel Mumbi?

Samuel Mumbi is an ordinary young Kenyan man with a big heart for the world and an even big dream to make a difference in it. As a Pharmacist, I have worked in various medical institutions in Kenya but most notably with HIV/AIDS programs. I have witnessed firsthand scarcity, pain and suffering of people I have worked for as patients, marginalized communities and even endangered animals and I decided to intervene in my own small way. That is how Samuel Mumbi Foundation was born.

My full names are Samuel Wachira Mumbi. My mother is a single parent; I took her name, “Mumbi” as my surname which in my dialect means “One who creates”. Having grown up with a single parent; my mother was my entire world. I learnt from her strength and gained immense inspiration from her. That is why I named this charity; Samuel Mumbi Foundation, carrying both my identity and that of my mother.

As a boy, I dreamt of changing the world, but nothing could have prepared me for the invaluable life experiences that would eventually
push me into taking responsibility for transforming my world, one project at a time.

Join me, in transforming our world!